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Guitar Tutor In North London

I provide electric, acoustic and nylon guitar lessons. I have learnt that there are many common themes that link various styles of music - these themes are present in all of the tuition that I offer - this is, I believe, the importance of establishing a little classical training for guitar (sight reading is always recommended but never insisted upon). The techniques expressed in classical music can be transferred and adapted to practically any other popular style.

Guitar Tutor In Potters Bar

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Barnet

Acoustic guitar lessons are very popular amongst all age groups. I can offer blues guitar lessons, teach country guitar, plectrum style, slide / bottleneck guitar, fingerstyle guitar and provide tuition on areas such as dropped tunings and harmonics. I find that acoustic guitar lessons are great for beginners and experienced players alike - acoustic guitar tends to cover a broad range of musical styles.

Electric Guitar Lessons In Potters Bar

Electric guitar lessons require the student to have an amp of their own for tuition at their home address. If your looking to make a little more noise - then I can provide lead guitar lessons in rock/blues improvisation, show you power chords, phrase training, and modal improvisation. I can explain how to get a sound you're happy with, as well as advice on areas like effects pedals, compression and recording techniques. Teenagers seem to find electric guitar lessons particulary inspiring!

Classical And Spanish Guitar Lessons In Barnet

Classical and Spanish guitar lessons offer a comprehensive development of left and right hand technique. Lessons offered include tremolo, fingerstyle, apoyando technique, tirando technique, how to play rasguedo, rumba and golpe technique. Sight reading is thoroughly recommended for more rapid progession. Exam entry amongst students having classical and Spanish guitar lessons are extremely popular - especially students in secondary education.

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