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Piano Lessons In Potters Bar

I also provide piano lessons for children in Potters Bar and Barnet as well as adult learners. My approach as a piano teacher is very similar to that of being a guitar teacher.


I provide lessons for the student to enjoy, whilst focusing on technique, ear training, rhythm and sight reading.

Piano Lessons In Barnet

Piano Teacher In Hertfordshire

As with the guitar, I have been classically trained on piano with Trinity College. I am also an experienced piano teacher in Barnet and I am able to play other styles such as Pop and Rock if a student has a particular taste which they would like to pursue. As with most instruments, a solid technique in sight-reading can prove crucial in order to progress on the instrument.

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Piano Technique

Areas which I focus on with each student include sight reading, left and right hand technique, interval training, pedal training, scales and arpeggios and various other key areas. Regular practice will rapidly yield positive results!

Sight Reading - This is a key area with any instrument, especially on the piano. In order to interpret classical music, sight reading is essential in order to progress. A solid classical training will provide the foundation for more complex areas such as improvisation and composition.

Left And Right Hand Technique - Dexterity and touch provide the player with control over texture, dynamics and rhythm - the building blocks for any aspiring musician. There are many techniques available to improve finger technique.

Scales And Arpeggios - These elements are central to improvisation and chord building - practising these elements can vastly improve a student's confidence - leading to mastery of the instrument if studied with dedication!


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