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Guitar Repair In Potters Bar & Barnet

Being an experienced player, I am also able to offer guitar repair in North London, Barnet and Potters Bar for players who are looking to personalise or fix their guitar.


I offer re-tuning, action adjustment, re-stringing and many other options depending on your requirements.

Guitar Repair

Guitar Re-Tuning

Their are many players out there who become frustrated with not being able to tune their guitar satisfactorily. Often, there are solutions to the issue such as adjusting the intonation and re-stringing - both of these options are available.


Guitar Set Up In Barnet

Many players are dissatisfied with the action on their guitar - it may be that the action is set too high - this results in difficulty soloing or fretting barre chords - it may also be that the action is set too low - this can result in excessive fret buzz - another issue that may not suit the player and their sound. I am able to remedy this according to requirements.



Restringing may seem like an easy process to some people. However some instruments - especially a classical guitar - can be difficult and time consuming for a player less experienced in the area. I am able to provide this service at a time convenient to.

Guitar Advice And Recommendations

There are many questions for the budding player - such as: advice on effects, pedals, amplification and the various options regarding the choice of guitar for the aspiring player - I am able to offer advice on many of these issues.

Guitar Refinishing

In the near-future I will be offering guitar refinishing for players out there who wish to re-stain, re-polish or re-touch the body of their guitar.


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